Patented Technology

We hold the patent on visual communication — literally. Representing thousands of hours of market research and information design, our patent is the inspiration behind all of our products

Patent Specifications

The GAN patent, U.S. Patent Number 7,426,693, was filed on Feb. 7, 2005 and claims priority to three applications, the earliest of which was filed on August 7, 2002.

The '693 Patent is directed to a visual communication (VC) tool (e.g. An iPad app) that is used to create visual arrangements and present these visual arrangements to others for feedback and comments in an efficient and secure manner. An author may use the VC tool to generate a visual arrangement and publish the arrangement to desired recipient(s). The published arrangement is stored or uploaded to a server, and a recipient accesses the arrangement in response to a notification from the server. The recipient may transmit any text or numeric comment (e.g. quantities) on the visual arrangement back to the author where the comment is correlated and displayed with the respective visual arrangement.

The GAN Patent includes 18 claims directed to systems and methods for visual communication including one or more of the aforementioned features. During prosecution, the Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reviewed the application and allowed it on September 16, 2008. There are one or more continuation applications pending with the USPTO.