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POP-Market and parent company Global Apparel Network have been helping the fashion industry connect with innovative visual communication solutions for over 15 years.

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Remarkable Buyer Experience

"One of our Specialty Store buyers told us, 'I will definitely buy two to three times more product if I can do it online, at my own convenience,' —and she has been."

—David Cropper, CIO, Mamiye Brothers Inc.

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I really love placing orders with the iPad app. I used it quite a lot at Market to place orders. Wifi is really bad so I placed orders on the app and then waited to get to a hot spot and sent them.
— Tony Lee Sales Rep, Woolrich

POP-Market has been a great tool for us and our customers to specify details of our brand in a neat and efficient way. The Customer Support team has a "yes we can" mentality that has led to new improvements every season.
— Marcus von Sydow Sales Manager, Eton of Sweden

I recently made a presentation to one of the largest store chains in the country, and I was told that our line sheet was the best-looking line sheet they had ever seen. POP-Market saves our sales team a tremendous amount of time with order placement and makes notifying customers around the world about our new products incredibly easy and efficient.
— Eric Goldstein Founder, Jean Shop

I explain to buyers that stop by our booth at tradeshows that I will send them a link to our POP-Market showroom, allowing them to view our collection and place orders online. We received an order in the first week using POP-Market this way. Also, many buyers prefer not to carry catalogs around the tradeshows, so our online showroom is perfect for them. We take it to the next level by posting videos next to our styles in the POP-Market showroom so buyers can see our fit.
— Whitney Hunter General Manager, Salence

POP-Market has completely changed the way we write orders, making the process much easier and faster. Plus, they have a great staff who are always ready to help you with any questions you may have.
— Grant Bloodworth Proprietor, Bloodworth & Company