How It Works

POP-Market's curated wholesale marketplace
attracts and engages the largest retail buyer network available.

At POP-Market, we're always looking for high quality products to offer our retailers.

Our curated wholesale marketplace allows buyers to carry on their existing brand relationships while also providing a platform to discover new and exciting brands and products. POP-Market is the only platform that allows buyers to:

  • Collaborate with current vendors around private assortments
  • Shop by style across brands
  • Merchandise buys across brands by delivery, look, category and price
  • View real-time style availability by delivery
  • Place orders and reorders online

How Does It Work?

Create a free buyer account — Join over 85,000 international retailers shopping the largest online wholesale marketplace.

Discover collections

Shop by category, style type, price point, delivery, and more.

Connect with brands

Contact brands directly to request an appointment.

Make picks and notes

Merchandise styles to order or to share internally with colleagues. Add notes to styles and arrange into customizable groups.

Place and manage orders

Add styles to carts to easily place detailed orders. Brands are automatically notified once orders are placed.

Receive brand updates

Stay current with brand updates and weekly newsletters. Receive alerts from favorite brands when they update or post new products.