With a unique experience and free tools to help retailers streamline the buying process, POP-Market provides buyers with an easy way to:

  • Discover products by style, look and delivery in our curated wholesale marketplace
  • Receive private, suggested assortments directly from vendors
  • View vendor collections with real-time availability
  • Make selections and buying notes
  • Merchandise
  • Share assortments with colleagues
  • Collaborate around products with vendors
  • Place one-click orders and re-orders

POP-Market Buyer Experience


Receive Suggested Assortments via email. Click links to view, select, and buy from interactive linesheets.


Suggestions are automatically stored and organized for you to review and respond to anytime.


Simply want to check out our marketplace? Simply log in to your account and explore leading brands from around the world.

Shop by Style

Research and shop by style, category, delivery and price point.


Make picks and notes and tag assorted styles into groups to merchandise by delivery, trend or look.


Easily share selections with merchandise managers and colleagues.


Major store buyers can place bulk orders for brands, enabling planners to create distros through normal EDI process with Inventory Sync. Available-to-sell is always updated with the brand in real time, and orders can only be placed on available styles and quantities.