Curated Marketplace

Your POP showroom accessed by thousands of retail buyers.

Build stronger relationships with current customers while also reaching and selling new buyers discovering your online showroom in POP-Market's curated wholesale marketplace.

POP-Market puts your brand in front of thousands of qualified retail buyers, while providing them with the tools needed to select, assort and order your products online — anywhere, anytime


Wholesale Website and Online Showroom

We build your brand's wholesale website and private online showroom, allowing you to showcase your collections online.

Wholesale Marketplace

Our curated wholesale marketplace allows buyers to carry on their existing brand relationships while also providing a platform to discover new and exciting brands and products.

Style Finder

The Style Finder filters in our curated online marketplace offers buyers a more consumer-driven experience, allowing them to find products by style category in addition to delivery, price point and favorite brands.

Permission Settings

Control who can view your styles with various permission request features.

Inventory Integration

Inventory Integration works with your existing systems to automatically update style availability for sales teams and buyers. All POP-Market orders are pulled directly into your system.

Most importantly, Inventory Integration ensures that your sales team only executes orders for what's available to sell, and your buyers no longer place orders on unavailable items.