Celebrating 16 years of innovation

POPMarket founders have been changing the way brands, retailers and designers communicate visual information for over a decade. POPMarket was built on a patented platform addressing collaboration around product pictures.

POPMarket's mission is to facilitate wholesale ecommerce by combining its powerful sales collaboration platform with the most seamless and rewarding buyer marketplace experience available. With the only patented technology in the market, the leading iPad app and the largest wholesale buyer network shopping its curated marketplace, POPMarket is the most complete digital wholesale solution available.

"The first player in the field was arguably POPMarket's parent company Global Apparel Network, which created a tool called Visuality more than a decade ago. It was designed to help brands, retailers and designers communicate visual information: everything from product design to visual merchandising and wholesale."

"Visuality's vendor customers have been using it as a tool for buyers to share new products and collections (and to place orders) for years. What POPMarket did when it launched last year was to unite the existing network of buyers - thousands of them - into a marketplace where brands and buyers can discover each other."